imageWent to the Père LaChaise today. It is a huge graveyard in Paris, and a lot of famous people are buried there. For example we saw Gèricault, the painter of The Raft of the Medusa. (A famous painting hanging in the Louvre.) image

It was super creepy, but really beautiful. If you would look down one of the ‘streets’ they have there the family graves would look like row upon row of townhouses. There was a huge crematorium with two big black chimneys and everything. It was really scary, but a lot of fun.

My favorite part was finding the death dates on the graves and seeing how old the people in in there were. There were also these family tombstones. It seems weird to me, to be buried on top of years and years of your ancestors.

But the scariest part to me, was when we walked all the way to the back of the graveyard, where they really, really old graves were. There was no one back there with and it was dead silent (no pun intended). It was really scary!image


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