A really impressive exhibition space, The Trocadero, across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower. Great idees how to fill that space. And again, just like the newly renovated Picasso museum: not too much, not too little. Big story. But seemingly simple put together so you can and want to digest all this information. Big people, small people. They have fantastic artifacts from all over history and all over the world and they are presented in a beautiful way.

Presented through a factual time-line but thematic, not what was first and what came next, How have we interpreted over time, what are the big questions for the future. Biological anthropology and cultural anthropology: “Collections that illustrate the history of science, that tell of the natural and cultural history of humankind, and contribute to knowledge building, Collections that go with the flow of museum history.” That last part was very interesting, a large part of the presentations was about how we collect all our information and artifacts, how research is done, and from what cultural viewpoint over time. Resulting in what cultural viewpoint over time. Throughout the exhibits artists had given their view on particular ideas, things and technologies. There was an exhibit over how the millions of posessions are archived, and how ideas about archiving change. Also an exhibit about how museums should be build and displays should be offered, about interactivity, density of visitors, and what can they take in to have it still stick.

Opinions were asked on your ideas on the future, where are things headed with this world, and what is our impact on it. You could voice or write that opinion in a booth that would also take your picture. The results were displayed on screens with hundreds of portraits, all equally important, mixed with material the museum already owned. Is thinking man doing a good job?

‘Minor’ details: there were fire escapes indicated everywhere, but you had to figure out which one was the normal one. No special SORTIE. Not everything was explained in English (and Spanish). A graphic designer friend said this about it: the French like to talk, then there’s no room left for other languages. They’re still getting around the idea that other people are interested in them for real, but you cannot expect to have everybody speak your very particular language. Cultural anthropology is cool.




















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    Seems like the French version of Meow Wolf?Miss you??

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