Maison Fondée en 1903.

An item on A’s FAVORITES list. She’s the one appreciating chocolate the  most among all of us. This restaurant is where Parisiennes (especially the ladies and their girlfriends) go if you want a real thick hot chocolate and a Mont-Blanc pastry. These days you can get more in the never changed rooms, with classic furniture and naturalist murals on the wall. Everybody dressed well (that’s Jan barging in below). Everybody waiting in line outside on the sidewalk on the Rue de Rivoli. Rue de l’Arbre Sec is around the corner, where A lived at the time as Fille Au Pair. When she learned to love this quality stuff. All in the 1st Arrondisement, where the money lives.













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  1. Thom says:

    Hey, sound nice. What is your favorite new food that you have tryed on your travel?
    What things remind you of home? Have you met people that remind you of people at home?

  2. Beanie says:

    I want to go there so bad! ??

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