My favorite streets in Paris:







IMG_2851        IMG_2884       IMG_2885

IMG_2886       IMG_2891        IMG_2892

IMG_2893       IMG_2894        IMG_2931

IMG_2933       IMG_2934

IMG_2995       IMG_3003

IMG_3046      IMG_3050     IMG_3085

IMG_3143       IMG_3184

IMG_3185      IMG_3186      IMG_3188

IMG_3196      IMG_3198

IMG_3215      IMG_3217

IMG_3225      IMG_3228      IMG_3233

IMG_3245      IMG_3246







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  1. SamMC Gurule says:

    It’s so fancy

  2. Beanie says:

    Iza! I love love love seeing all these photos, and seeing what you are seeing! I can imagine that I am there with you! I wish I was! And I am enjoying all the other posts too! Meet them coming! ????

  3. Beanie says:

    That was supposed to be Keep, not Meet!

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