Then after soo much planning, selling the house, selling stuff, giving away stuff, storing stuff and packing some bags we left for Albuquerque Sunport on April 13, 2016. After parking the car longterm, the bus took us to the Departures and we had our tickets and luggage checked. Security next and ABQ Airport looked sleepy enough to not expect any issues there. I always forget to take off my belt (the buckle sets off beepers) and put it in the scanner trays, but this time didn’t! The kids went through the body scanner, Arian and I had ourselves beeped around manually. So with all our hand luggage and everything needing its own tray each, we had a number of things to collect and put on on the other side, that took a bit. I was done quickly enough and went to see the scanner that xrays all the stuff. Right away they started eyening me suspiciously so I kept my distance, helping the family get their things. Until I noticed more agents collecting themselves around us and other people being diverted. More agents behind the scanner as well pointing at the screen and at us. We were told to wait there. This guy comes up asking our destination, are we all together and whose package is this, showing Jan’s backpack which was taken apart. Could I step aside please. Another guy comes to the first one and gives him some items. Guy one looks at me asking (authoritative voice) did I know these were deadly weapons, and shows me two of Jan’s Ninja Death Stars!! They were ‘hidden’ in or under his bunny and what was I planning to do with them. I said he could have them and without laughing nor getting mad explained our trip and the mistake of not checking for one more time the children’s backpacks. No I wasn’t going to kill the French President, maybe Jan after this was over but with bare hands, not the stars. He was not in the mood for jokes but finally believed me and let me go. I could expect a letter in the mail soon about the attempt I made to disrupt services and trying to export deadly weapons and the fine to go with that. And we were on or way. Goodbye New Mexico, Europe here we come!!







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  1. SamMC Gurule says:

    I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Beanie says:

    You know we are laughing at this story! Classic! Of course, not funny at the time, but one for the books!

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