Bonjour. The 1st of May we took a stroll through Paris with a friend of a friend telling us all about the city. Some of the quays along the Seine were closed off for traffic and only for walking, rollerblading, sitting in the sun. A plan to close off those quays for good is in commission.. Less quiet was the Place de la Bastille, where the old fortress once stood, demolished by a mob during the French Revolution. In its place you can see a column inside a traffic circle, with important names and ‘Freedom’ in gold on top.

Other protests were going on now because of Labor Day (Lily of the Valley is the symbol). Different groups were on the march for their issues, including women’s rights, Syria, the Communist Party, the Turkish Government against the Kurds (enlisting schoolchildren), the Kurdish Party itself, and also an issue between the French government and the labor unions was at stake. Jan noticed during the day there was no police to be seen. The labor unions later turned their protest into a riot though.

We started in the US with learning about its revolution (for monarchy independence) and Hamilton on all the boxes, then this protest first of May, (after seeing in the Louvre Delacroix’ “Liberty leading the People”, about the French Revolution (an overthrow of a monarchy). Iza will write about the visit to Versailles. Home-schooling is fun. The riot photo is from © The Guardian








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