Jan, me and dad had a scary adventure on theimage subway today.

We were going to see the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Élyées. It was so beautiful! We walked under the arc, and saw the eternal flame set for the soldiers who died in the all the wars in France. There was also a huge flag of France hanging under the arc.

Then, we decided to go to the La Défense, a very famous business district in Paris. We used the normal tickets we had to get to the right station, then we walked up the stairs. We thought that we could just go out, like you normally can, but when we go up there was another checkout station. We put out tickets in the slot, but the machine spit it right out again. We were very confused. We had no idea at all how to get out of the station. At this point, I was getting really nervous. My dad decided to walk up to someone and ask them how to get out. The first person we asked made absolutley no sense in his answer, so we kept walking.

Then, we walked up to this lady and asked her. She explained to us that since we were outside of Paris we needed other tickets to get out. But we didn’t have those tickets, and we couldn’t get them from anywhere. Then, she Sadie that we could use some of her tickets, which was super nice of her! We finally made it out of the subways.

The way back wasn’t eventfull, thank God!

But overall, it was pretty scary. imageimage

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