We had the most beautiful bird’s eye view of Paris today. It was a 704 stair climb + an elevator, but so worth it. We imagewalked from our apartment to the metro, and from there we went to the La Motte-Picquet Grenelle, the metro stop just before the Eiffel Tower. We stepped off the subway and onto the street. I assumed we would just immediately see the tower, but there was a building blocking our vision. I was impatient as we walked forward, but then, all at once, we turned a corner and there it was. So much taller than I expected, but there nonetheless! Me and my brother wanted nothing else than buy a ticket and race to the top, but we had a picnic on the grass in front of the tower and took some pictures.


But, finally we got a ticket. Two different lines, an angry security guard and a soccer ball we had to hide in the bushes because it was not allowed up,  but at last we were on the first step. We could have gotten an elevator ticket but we wanted to walk up. 668 steps later, we were on the second floor. Mom stayed down there, but me, my brother and dad wanted to go all the way to the top. After a 30 minute line, we were at the elevator. a tiny box that could only take seven people at a time, surrounded by glass so you could see the whole trip up. About 7 million people visit a year.

It was a small platform with about 50 people on it with a fantastic view beyond Paris. After we took a picture at the top to prove we were there, we waited in yet another line to get down. We found mom and walked down from the second floor to the bottom.


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  1. Jackson Budoff says:


  2. SamMC Gurule says:

    How does one walk up 567 steps without tripping and collapsing of exhaustion

  3. Iza says:

    I did trip a lot!
    But the view made it all worth it!

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